My First PlayStation 4

It was Christmas and I only wanted one thing, a PlayStation 4. I was really excited because I didn’t know if I was gong to get it or if I was going to be disappointed. all I know I would have been happy with whatever my parents got me. The Thing was, my birthday is two days before Christmas, and all i had was one gift that was a big box wrapped up. so my parents decided to let me open my Christmas gift early. I grabbed the box and started to tear it open and when i open the box, their was a PS4 inside. I was so excited that I ran in the living room and I started to set in up. I had no games with it but there was one demo that I wanted because I played it previously at my cousin’s house. the demo was UFC. The feeling of me not believing that i actually had a PS4 will stick with me forever. 6 years later, I wish i could say it was going strong but I needed a new PS4, so I got a PS4 Pro, But those six years were some of the best years i had playing video games and i would never be able to recreate them.

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